Lenten Pierogi Sale

Our Lenten Pierogi Sale will be held on the following dates:
Monday, February 17th ' Preparation
Tuesday, February 18th' Production (Potato)

Monday, March 16th ' Preparation
Tuesday, March 17th ' Production (Sweet Cabbage and Farmer Cheese)

Monday, March 23rd ' Preparation
Tuesday, March 24th ' Production (All varieties)


Pierogi will be available for purchase on Production Days (Feb. 18th, Mar. 17th, and Mar. 24th). However, in an attempt to eliminate some difficulties we have had in the past, the following changes will be in effect:
" ABSOLUTELY NO pierogi will be able for purchase before 12 PM.
" We will not be able to take any pre-orders.
" Cabbage pierogi will be limited to 2 dozen per person.
" Other varieties of pierogi may be limited.


We are always looking for more volunteers to help with our pierogi projects. You are most welcome to come, learn, and continue this wonderful tradition. A good time is had by all. A hot lunch is always provided for workers on Production Days. For more information please call Mike Stretanski: (570) 287-6554 or (570) 817-3430.