Parish Pastoral Councils have their roots in Vatican II and specifically in the Code of Canon Law which directs the diocesan bishops to establish procedures for the operation of such councils. In drafting his plan for the Diocese, Bishop Bambera summons the "baptized to positions of leadership" in their respective churches. For the church to be self-sustaining, it must promote an active lay ministry. Bishop Bambera writes that "the future of the diocese lies in the renewal of parish life, and . . . in the generous Servant Leadership of priests, religious and laity who . . . freely give themselves" spreading the word, promoting worship, fostering community and being of service to others. (Taken from Diocese of Scranton; Servant Leadership: Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines, pages 8-20.)



The Parish Pastoral Council of St. Ignatius Loyola was established to serve and unite laity, religious and clergy in community prayer, servant leadership and pastoral action. It is a consultative and visioning body to the pastor and parish. It actively listens, communicates and is sensitive to the needs and concerns of parish members and larger community. It examines and considers all that relates to pastoral work-Word, Worship, Community and Service-and proposes practical ideas to the pastor concerning the on-going life and mission of the parish. Specifically, the Council Formulates and monitors the Strategic Plan and engages in continuous pastoral planning.

  • Establishes the Commissions/Committees (Word, Worship, Community and Service) and works closely with each to accomplish the parish's mission.   

  • Formulates policy after prayerful study and dialogue with the pastor concerning parish pastoral matters.   

  • Embodies those qualities consistent with Servant Leadership.



Ex-Officio members include the pastor, parochial vicar and deacon. Members-at-Large include 12 parishioners, who are selected through a nomination process for two years. Members, who have completed their two years, and at the discretion of the council, may opt to continue for two additional terms or a total of six years. Terms are staggered to insure continuity of work and, depending upon vacancies, the nomination process is conducted every two years.


Msgr. David Tressler, Pastor
Fr. Shawn Simchock, Parochial Vicar

Deacon Gerard Pernot

Deirdre Drinkall, Notre Dame Intern/Pastoral Associate, Ex-Officio Member

Gloria Galante, Chair
George Andresky, Vice-Chair
Nancy Bellas, Representative to
the Finance Council
Charles Blewitt
Gerry Dicton, Liaison to Word

Maria Edmunds, Liaison to Community

Maura Fennell, Liaison to Worship

Cindy Liskov

Kim McNulty, Secretary & Liaison to Service

Roseann O'Connor

Brian ThomasJoan Turel