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St. Ignatius is excited to announce that we have purchased a parish subscription to FORMED, now available to all parishioners! As we begin a new liturgical year, this online resource can help all parishioners to deepen their knowledge and enthusiasm about the faith. Formed is an on-demand digital library with movies, videos, Bible studies, audiobooks, talks, movies, and more! There are resources for adults, children, teens, and young adults covering just about any Catholic topic.

Why not try it out? There’s so much to enjoy! Registering is very easy. Just go to and type in our 18704 Zip-Code or search “St. Ignatius Loyola” and click on the Kingston, PA location. Give a name and an email and you’re registered! 

Our ECHO apprentice, Deirdre, will be happy to answer any questions you have about how to sign-up for FORMED and the many treasures you can find on there.

For more information on "Formed" please click here.

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